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Journal Articles & Essays                                                                            

The Afghan State and the Hazara GenocideHarvard Human Rights Journal (forthcoming). (Journal of Harvard Law School) 

Relentless Atrocities: The Persecution of Hazaras, Michigan Journal of International Law (2023). (Journal of University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor)

The Genocide of Hazaras, Virginia Journal of International Law (2023).

The International Criminal Court’s Afghan Dilemma: Complementarity and the Quest for Justice in AfghanistanColumbia Journal of Transnational Law (2022). 

Democracy and the Rule of Law in Afghanistan: A Cautionary Tale, The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs (2022). (Journal of Tufts University Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy)

The Judiciary and the Rule of Law in Afghanistan, Judicature (2021). (Journal of Duke University School of Law)

Legal Curriculum Development in Iraq: Stanford’s Iraq Legal Education InitiativeMENA Business Law Review (2021). (Journal of LexisNexis)

Elusive Justice: Reflections on the Tenth Anniversary of Afghanistan’s Law on Elimination of Violence against Women, Northwestern Journal of Human Rights (2020). (Journal of Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law)

Rule of Law from the Ground Up: Legal Curriculum Reform in Afghanistan, California Law Review Online (2020). (Journal of UC–Berkeley School of Law)

The Rule of Law Crisis in AfghanistanGeorgetown Journal of International Law​ (2020). 
Rethinking Legal Education in Afghanistan: The Law Program at the American University of AfghanistanStanford Journal of International Law (2019). (with Erik Jensen)

The ICC and Afghanistan – Time to End Impunity?Yale Journal of International Law (2018). 


An Introduction to the Laws of Afghanistan (4th Ed.)Stanford Law School–Afghanistan Legal Education Project (2017) (co-authored).

Legal Ethics in Afghanistan (1st Ed.)Stanford Law School–Afghanistan Legal Education Project (2016) (co-edited).

International Law for Afghanistan (2nd Ed.)Stanford Law School–Afghanistan Legal Education Project (forthcoming).

The Commercial Law of Afghanistan (3rd Ed.)Stanford Law School–Afghanistan Legal Education Project (forthcoming). 

The Criminal Law of Afg
hanistan (3rd Ed.), Stanford Law School–Afghanistan Legal Education Project (forthcoming). 

Book Chapter                                                                                             

Crime and Criminal Justice in Afghanistanin Comparative Criminal Justice: International Trends and Practices (Rowman & Littlefield, forthcoming 2022). (with Kobra Moradi)


Curbing Illicit Financial Flows in AfghanistanIntegrity Watch Afghanistan (2015). 

Opinion Editorials & Other Publications                                                  

The Taliban’s False AmnestyThe Diplomat (2021).

The Taliban’s Real Challenge Begins Now, Bloomberg Law (2021).

Afghanistan’s New Law on the Procedure for Securing Rights
, Stanford Law School (2021). 

The False Inclusivity of the Taliban’s Emirate, Al Jazeera (2020). 

On the Other Side of the World, an Even More Dysfunctional Election: America Has a Huge Stake in Afghanistan’s FutureNew York Daily News (2018). 

Applying Soft Power in the Afghan WarPacific Council on International Policy (2018). 

Stanford Law School Helps Develop a Strong Legal Education System in Kurdish Iraq, Stanford Law School (2018).

WTO Reaches Historic Trade Facilitation Deal in BaliMcMillan LLP/Lexology (2013). 
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